my mind is like a canyon somehow hidden from the sun. my thoughts like buried treasure far away from everyone. sometimes i think i’m falling. rushing forward toward the sky. emptyhanded. falling upward. never landing til i die.

sometimes i sit in darkness on the edge, the very brink of chasing out the strain with something very cold to drink. i sit and gape and wonder where this train of thought will lead. will i act as though a soldier. somehow manage a brave deed. will i face unspoken horrors. will i stand until the end. will i fall and fail the way i always knew it all would end.

sometimes i think it’s not so different. i could still go out today. i could take a chance and touch the sun and take the risk today. i could step beyond the shadows. standing under burning sun. let the light play on my shoulders. as i stare a little stunned. i could race through crackling leaves and touch the bark of some old tree. i could meet the earth with something more than thoughts and poetry.

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