Every time I drive through an aging urban setting, I can’t help but think of all the farmland that once sprawled over hills, across the plains, and through the valleys. This fertile soil is now lost forever underneath asphalt and brick.

It pains me to see this neighborhoods in such disrepair, because they will never be restored to farmable land. They will contaminate the land with their leeching toxins. And when the buildings finally become unlivable, they will be abandoned and new buildings will be erected elsewhere. Left to our own devices, we will follow this pattern until the worl is consumed by concrete.

Sure, I get as giddy as the next geek over the latest and greatest iGadget. I appreciate the advantages of reaching each of you with my message. With my WHY. But I do not view the earth as my my industrial playpen. Every piece of tech comes at great cost. I enjoy what I should disdain.

So I live in the tension between homesteading (finding a piece of land in a rural setting to live a life of self-reliance) and real-time online community.

I can’t defend it with logic. All I know is that it “feels” right.

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