Funny story… At the beginning of this year, we scheduled a trip to Denver for the Authority Rainmaker Conference. The conference was amazing, and we walked away with a year’s worth of actionable insight for our web-based business. Speakers like Sally HogsheadDanny SullivanBernadette JiwaChris Brogan, and Michael King downloaded a year’s worth of actionable insight for our web-based business into my brain and the Google Keep app.

And while those insights may indeed revolutionize our business over time, the most impactful moment occurred on the flight, not the conference. We sat next to Katie of and the conversation she and Heather had on that flight changed the course of family for the next two years.

Amazing how a simple conversation can affect things. Heather shared some of the ways our blog / homesteading situation limits our productivity and efficiency, based on available space and proximity to external resources. Our tiny two bedroom home really doesn’t afford us a separate office space where either of us can go to work undisturbed.

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