How does The Law of Attraction apply to Judaism and Christianity? A proclaimed universal principle does not corroborate other faiths. "Your thoughts become things." A thought has a frequency, and that frequency is transmitted on a consistent basis. Whether it's magnetic or some other compelling force, the law is that like attracts like. It can sound like a convoluted mess.

Some might say that disciplined thoughts seem to draw similar realities because focused thoughts steer our actions and lead us to accomplish what we want. They would say that disciplined thinking is more about removing the hindering lies that keep us from pursuing a truth or desired result. The Secret tells us to think and speak about what we want, rather than what we don't want.

It seems like such a meaningless shade of difference between "I don't want to be poor" and "I want to be rich." Most of us think that these are the same thought. We don't even consider how words or thoughts of negation affect our attitudes every single day.

While it is possible to find a thread of similarity between the Bible and The Secret, this is also true of most every religion in existence. A thread of similarity implies nothing. The Bible makes it very clear that God is the source of blessing, not us. It does call us into account, however. Each person is responsible to think on good things and to ask their heavenly Father for the desires of their heart.

The Secret has absolutely nothing to do with God, per se. You are essentially sending out a signal into the universe every time you say or think something positive, which will echo back to you with blessing somehow. Where does it come from? Who knows. The whole point is that you make it happen.

Many disgruntled Christians have looked into The Secret in hopes of finding the answers to getting what they want. Unless you want a Joel Osteen lifestyle, you won't find enough common ground between Christianity and The Secret.  

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