It would appear that Jennifer Engle, a.k.a. The Little Ball of Hate, is my biggest fan. I can’t imagine that there are that many people out there who listen to her morning talk show on 103.3 fm ESPN who then feel the need to search for her on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or AOL.

Yet somehow CultureFeast receives more referral links to this site for Jen Engle than just about anything else. I picture her sitting at her computer at work, searching her own name every day on all the major search engines, hoping to find some really cool articles about herself. Who knows? Maybe Nasty Boy or Taylor does the searching for her. Regardless, it’s gotta be someone on the show with an inflated ego.

Seriously, this is only the second time I have written anything about Jennifer Engle, yet I receive anywhere from 5-10 visitors daily from various search engines for her name or nickname.

Don’t get me wrong; The Little Ball of Hate Show is interesting enough to listen to. The Randy Galloway Show (a.k.a. GAC) is by far the best sports talk show on the radio, but there really isn’t anyone else I care to listen to except for Jen. So she deserves some props. She’s working hard with her column writing and daily sports talk show.

I just wonder how she finds the time to search her name and visit my blog five times a day.

9 responses to “The Little Ball of Hate is My Biggest Fan”

  1. Now that is funny! Ya never know where you’ll get hits from. I’m just another typical sports guy, also a Mr. Net Guy that was looking for Jennifer. Curious what does this annoying gal on the radio look like. lol

  2. Honestly, Jennifer Engle is one of several radio personalities who are faceless in my mind. Except for the great Randy Galloway and the imbecile Dale Hansen, I don’t care to know what radio DJs or talk show hosts look like. I usually just superimpose the face of some actor or actress on them anyway.

    Every time I listen to The Little Ball of Hate, I picture Jeanine Garofalo. I love her in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. She’s the only person with the right attitude to play Engle. I think she’d probably do a better job than Engle herself, actually.

  3. Jennifer Engle is terrible, when it comes to the radio. Just because she screams and yells her stupid opinions doesn’t mean that she is entertaining. She by far is too much of a “Homer” when it comes to her Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks. She has a grudge against Terrell Owens, always says negative things about Barry Bonds, or anyone that is not within the Dallas Market. It’s sad that a person like her got her own radio show, when she doesn’t even open her eyes and let others voice there opinions about UFC (Mixed Martial Arts). She rather condemn UFC and praise boring baseball and insignificant hockey.
    I rather listen to Ian, Nate Newton, or even the Deion Sanders Primetime Radio Show.

  4. Hey …..I listen to her show religiously! By the way, Where the hell is she….I haven’t heard her voice on ESPN in two weeks? Is she on vacation….what’s up?

    Bring Back Jen, Bring Back Hate, we want Jen, where is Jen…???

  5. Jen has stepped down from her role on ESPN Radio. She will still make guest appearances on the Galloway and Company show from 3-6 Monday through Friday.

    Look for her column in the newspaper and contact ESPN Radio if you have a complaint. I can’t bring her back. I don’t have enough pull around here.

  6. Write to ESPN radio and tell them how upset you are she left. She probably got sick and tired of all the macho morons putting her down because she has a brain and spoke her mind. Smart girl, that Jennifer Engle. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her.

  7. She probably left because the kept putting that buffoon, Nate Newton, on the show. Seriously, who wants to listen to that? I am embarrassed for him, his family, and the radio station when he tries to interview someone. Anyone hear when he interviewed Modano after he set the record for most points scored by an American born player? It was like an old skit from Saturday Night Live when Chris Farley would just make comments to celebrities. BRING BACK HATE!! I’m listening to NORM at 1310 until they bring her back!

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