I thought it was hard to choose time with God 12 years ago. That was nothing. I was bored and undisciplined and had no idea what time with God could really result in.

That’s nothing like today. Look at all the convenient distractions I have at my fingertips: reading blogs, writing blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Digg, Mixx, iPhone, wife, baby, clients, bills, etc.

Eventually, all the distractions drain our souls, and we have to step away to recharge. We know in these moments that we were not truly made to replenish our souls through media and entertainment. We were meant to experience something infinitely more restful and life-giving. Something that would charge us up with a positivity and a lightness of being that could only come from the God of all creation.

Some of you may want a little help getting quiet before the Lord. It is an art form to quiet the chatter of this world. Start here:

  • take a few deep breaths and close your eyes
  • begin to think of God’s mysterious and amazing attributes
  • thank him for being God, and for being good and pure and holy
  • focus on the wonder He inspires in you
  • tell him you love Him and want to know Him more
  • continue to think of Him
  • breathe slowly
  • let your mind wander on thoughts of God
  • see where it takes you

This isn’t a formula for you to adhere to. It is an illustration of how to calm yourself and lead yourself into His presence. Your mind is most likely lazy like every other American’s. If we are to find Him, we must truly seek Him. If we are to seek Him, we must lay aside our discomforts and do what we must to put ourselves in His path.