We made it to my parents’ house. It’s great to see family. I’m pausing to write a brief post here because I needed to get away from the discussion of declining ethics and morals among Americans. Yes, I agree that such decline exists. But no, I have no desire to wax on and on about it because there’s nothing I can really do about it.

We’ve experienced a couple mini crises over the past 24 hours. My wife lost her wedding ring last night, which is simply heartbreaking for her. I even took apart the sink pipes to check, but no luck so far. Heather’s mom is praying that the ring will appear somewhere soon. I don’t have the faith to really pray for that, but I’ll take it if it comes. I got the crap beat out of me on the basketball court last night. My foot hit a major wet spot on the floor and slid out from under me while the rest of me decided to fall in a crumpled heap, resulting in the first splits I’ve performed in my entire life. I’m suddenly very grateful for the butterfly stretches I started doing a week ago. Doing the splits still hurt like hell, but I might have been temporarily disabled if not for the stretches.

We’re waiting for my sister to arrive from Tulsa. She spent the day with our grandparents. They’re awesome people. I miss them. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t make it this year. Reason number one for convincing the family to move to DFW. Once my sis arrives, we’ll dig into some tasty grub. Right now, the women are talking health and kittens. I’m going into the living room to catch the Cowboys with my dad. Happy Holidays, everyone! I have much to be thankful for.

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