We’re “enjoying” a brief winter blast today. Frozen rain and sleet have been falling intermittently throughout the day. My wife went to work anyway. I miss her. It would be so great if she were here with me right now. Of course, I have to work no matter what. Weather doesn’t play a factor here.

What excuse would I have? It’s too icy to make it to my laptop in the living room? Not likely. A tree would have to fall through my roof and let the ice in for that to be the case, and that’s not going to happen (knock softly on wood).

I’d never thought of it before. Still, I can get over the missing ice days. We get paid holidays at least as good as most companies, so no complaints there.

The wintry weather puts me in the mood for Egg Nogg, Christmas shopping, and Taco Bueno’s party burritos. Okay, any weather puts me in the mood for party burritos. It’s the meat sauce that gets me. Something illegally addictive at work there.

So Mr. Kitty disapproves of the weather. Three times this morning, he sat by the back door and cried to be let out until I opened the door. Then he stuck his face outside, felt a cold blast of air against his tiny cat nose, and ran back into the deep recesses of the warm house. No outside time for our kitty. He’s too smart. That’s my boy.

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