• Day 78: Wearing Regular (GASP) Shoes Today

    Last night was a crazy severe thunderstorm in my neck of the metroplex. Rather than face the world with soggy feet and a bitter heart (the inevitable result of cold, soggy feet), I chose to rebel! That’s right, I wore REGULAR shoes! Wow. How exciting. I’m a regular extreme sports spontaneous kind of guy. Who doesn’t […]

  • Day 50: Daniel Versus the Rocky Beach

    We drove down to Key West yesterday to see what we could see. As expected, parking was a bit of a beast. Eventually we got some sound advice from a information service worker who directed us to Fort Zachary Taylor Beach. It cost somewhere around $10 for three adults and a toddler to enter. The beach […]

  • Day 36: Going Sockless

    I didn’t want to, but laundry schedules conflicted with work. I had to wear my black Classics without socks. It was more than a little embarrassing. Probably no other style or color faces this issue, but my black Classics with jeans look like toed ballet slippers. I’m just not okay with that. The owner of our […]

  • Day 35: TOMS to the Rescue

    It took my Classics the better part of a day to dry after washing, so I made Sunday a TOMS day. My wife bought me my first pair of TOMS shoes in early August for my birthday. I wore them exclusively for a couple weeks before my feet started to ache a little bit. TOMS […]

  • Check Out My Daily Five Fingers Journal

    After writing my Day Two journal post about my Classic Vibram Five Fingers, I decided to set up a blog devoted to my daily experiences with my VFFs. They’re awesome shoes. Honestly, everyone should be wearing them. They strengthen your arches and feet, improve your posture, and generally help you to function more as God intended. […]

  • Day 2: Vibram Five Fingers

    I noticed last night that my back was significantly achy all over. The kind of feeling you might have if you helped a neighbor move all their furniture into and out of a Uhaul truck. Today is no different. I ache. I’ve been leaning back all day long in my chair, but the ache is […]