can you see

i saw horrible things, my dear horribly wasted innocent babies your stomach would turn eyes would bleed and hearts would swell we live in a beautiful world choose your glances carefully shrivelled grass and skin blow in the wind like torn pages life is but a dream, they say tortured by bandits & penniless drifters […]

On Maturation

Some day your voice will mature, having lived many more years. Having shed many more tears. You will know more about yourself. You will have earned the right to have something to say. When the days of testosterone madness and crazed manic proclamations have evaporated. Perhaps a small book could be squeezed from your veins. […]

waiting. wishing. hoping.

i wish i could spoil you. cook you simple meals as best i can. see your teary smile as i propose cry my own tears as you hold our firstborn. i wait and anticipate the day you’ll be mine. every happy couple, every loving mother, every expression of love reminds me of you… of my […]

the end’s beginning

if the end is the beginning why am i strewn out across your open palms? why am i lost in your sea? you capture me, and i am lost forever. i run to and fro, only to find the time has been wasted and kept us apart. don’t ask why. don’t ever wonder again. the […]

i do not

i do not take this cigarette and place it against my lips for no reason i’ve seen the sterile coffee shops restaurants and office buildings i’ve felt the suffocating cleanliness of a bright and cheery world this realm of “clarity” and activity brims with over-anxious sympathies artificial lights with nothing to penetrate it is the […]