• Cherish These Moments

    I cherish moments like these. Watching Poppy walk across Starbucks with Katie to pick out some books to read. My little girl is so wonderful. My heart jumps and delights at the sight of her. And I treasure these moments when she can experience her Poppy and feel the security of his love and acceptance. […]

  • Potty Training Looms

    We’ve waited several months longer than most before attempting the whole potty training thing. And Gigi has been getting a little concerned. Of course, she’s concerned about a LOT  of things we do, so that’s okay.

  • A Parent’s Responsibility

    Some of you rightfully ask yourselves, “How can I take care of myself, my kids, and the environment without looking like a hippie reject?” To this, I gladly answer: Anna Sova. Sure, anyone with money can hire a decorator with panache to fill their home with beautiful colors, shapes, and fabrics. However, take a lesson […]