• Listen to My New Favorite Song

    I get chills when I hear this song. It’s so powerful, it permeated my dreams after listening to it a few times yesterday. That’s a pretty major deal. How do I explain it? There’s a moment as each chorus begins that raw heart is conveyed. I can capture her emotion. I am moved by her […]

  • Changing What You Listen to Could Change Your Life

    I came across this blog post today via Twitter. It so closely mirrored the heart of what I wrote yesterday that I had to give you a taste here. JBMavrich writes of how he spent his daily commute to and from work (read his entire post here): I turned my sights to music, revisiting albums of […]

  • Musical Tastes as a Sign of Increased Sensitivity

    What is this? Is this what it means to get old? Everywhere I go, I cringe at the sound of conflict. The music I listen to has even changed. Where once it was Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, and Korn, I now listen to now Dave Matthews, Sade, Coldplay, Dallas Green, and Andrea Bocelli. I […]

  • Paranda: Living Music Nearing Extinction

    No music relaxes me like Paranda, except perhaps the Gipsy Kings. Something so organic. So natural. As natural as sitting on the banks of a muddy river in the jungle, watching the sun set over the palm trees. As natural as a little village with dirty children running around, kicking a can or playing some […]