Honoring My Wife for a Job Well Done

While I’d like to take some credit for the character and development of our two year old daughter, I know the lion’s share of the credit goes to my wife, Heather. She spends 10 hours a day with her that I miss out on, and during those hours has shaped our baby girl’s heart with every word, response, touch, and smile. Katie’s development is no accident, and I’m taking a moment to honor the one responsible.

Here’s what I know:

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Gushing Over My Little Girl

Today is my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s difficult for me to endure, because it’s so important to me and she doesn’t really understand what it means.

My chief desire for this day has been to make her feel cherished. If she could just walk away feeling loved and cherished, my heart would be satisfied. But alas, she is but two, and such feelings do not appear to be possible yet. Taking her special places and spending time with her is fun, but not so out of the ordinary that she can tell today is special.

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