• I Love This Lady

    I’m hard pressed to find a photo these days of my wife not holding one of our children. So here she is, holding my beloved son, soaking in his gloriously soft baby skin. *     *     *     * Babe, as you go about your day today, just know that you are loved. There’s no way to […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day: Take 2

    Confession: I royally botched Mother’s Day this year. I mean ruined the entire day. It was a major milestone in our relationship, and I missed the opportunity to honor my wife the way she should be honored. And so here I am, celebrating you one more time, my beautiful Wifeypotamus, in this Mother’s Day Part […]

  • The One My Heart Loves

    Today was one of those magical days where my heart swells from the pleasure of spending memorable moments with my family. I am gushing with affection, so I had to share a photo with you of THE ONE. My Beloved. God has been Oh So Good to me. Thank You, Jesus, for blessing a man […]

  • Honoring My Wife for a Job Well Done

    While I’d like to take some credit for the character and development of our two year old daughter, I know the lion’s share of the credit goes to my wife, Heather. She spends 10 hours a day with her that I miss out on, and during those hours has shaped our baby girl’s heart with […]