• Coffee: The Greatest Addiction EVER

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTVE5iPMKLg] What does this say about me? Being a participant in the crunchy movement (whether by association or choice no longer matters), I’ve agreed with many statements that say “Ingredient X is bad for your health because it has been used to kill rodents/roaches/alien babies. Therefore, whatever is used to kill other forms of life […]

  • A Personal Health Experiment: Life Without Corn or Grains

    Mister Sensitive More than the average person, I seem to be sensitive to the foods, smells, and chemicals around me. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of mood instability due to undiagnosed chemical reactions to ingredients in my meals and beverages. It turns out that the ingredients I “love” the most are the ones […]

  • The “Turn the Wifi Off at Night” Challenge

    Okay, for all of you who insist that there’s nothing to the claims that wifi and cellphone signals are hazardous to your health, I challenge you to a dare.

  • Honoring My Wife for a Job Well Done

    While I’d like to take some credit for the character and development of our two year old daughter, I know the lion’s share of the credit goes to my wife, Heather. She spends 10 hours a day with her that I miss out on, and during those hours has shaped our baby girl’s heart with […]

  • Happy-er Tuesday

    We’re alive and well at the Dessinger house. After a four day epic no-sleepfest, our daughter is feeling “somewhat” better. Of course, as I write that, I hear her having a meltdown in the kitchen. The point is, at least she’s sleeping somewhat at night and during her naptime. Here’s hoping she continues improving until […]

  • Day 50: Daniel Versus the Rocky Beach

    We drove down to Key West yesterday to see what we could see. As expected, parking was a bit of a beast. Eventually we got some sound advice from a information service worker who directed us to Fort Zachary Taylor Beach. It cost somewhere around $10 for three adults and a toddler to enter. The beach […]

  • Day 36: Going Sockless

    I didn’t want to, but laundry schedules conflicted with work. I had to wear my black Classics without socks. It was more than a little embarrassing. Probably no other style or color faces this issue, but my black Classics with jeans look like toed ballet slippers. I’m just not okay with that. The owner of our […]

  • Day 35: TOMS to the Rescue

    It took my Classics the better part of a day to dry after washing, so I made Sunday a TOMS day. My wife bought me my first pair of TOMS shoes in early August for my birthday. I wore them exclusively for a couple weeks before my feet started to ache a little bit. TOMS […]

  • Day 33: VFF Friday – Wash That Stank

    It’s Friday and I’m exhausted. I madethe mistake of staying up late to watch Gamer online (yes, I know it’s still in theaters). After 30 minutes of gruesome bloodshed, Megavideo shut me down, offering up the usual time limit exceeded excuse. Point being, I woke up at 6:30 this morning to find that I feel like […]

  • Is It Possible To Think Too Much?

    When I was 19, I was new to the faith and growing through a nine month discipleship training school at church. I was prone to anxiety attacks and nearly debilitating fear of failure. I second guessed everything and never felt satisfied about ANY explanation. So I journaled and journaled and journaled, desperately seeking an opportunity […]