• What If God?

    What if God wasn’t so much an abstract idea to be considered, but a glorious, majestic, and fearsome person to behold? What if we weren’t meant to idly chatter about each other’s misgivings about the religion our ancestors fed us but instead crawled on hand and knee across the desert to find Him?

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Which Part is Guaranteed?

    If you follow my Twitter account, you probably already read this. But it was good […]

  • If an Ideal Blogging Niche Exists for Me, Maybe it’s The Struggle

    I don’t want to go over again how weary I am. I’ve been at a loss for a blogging niche I can emotionally and mentally commit to. A less stubborn individual might take that as a sign from God that maybe blogging isn’t to be the most important thing in my life right now. After […]

  • Sometimes It Feels Good to Feel Bad

    After my men’s group tonight, I came home conflicted. Something doesn’t feel right. I’m upset, and normally I don’t allow myself to indulge in negative emotions. What could they benefit me, right? But tonight, I felt like I had to be as honest with myself and with God as I could be. So I vented. […]

  • Back Before the Days of Twitter

    Back in the days when no one had heard of Twitter, the dawn of civilization as we know it, quite a few bloggers actually published tweet-length posts. I guess people with Tumblr accounts still do, but let’s not get technical. So here’s my thought of the day, in 150 words or less:

  • The World Washed White as Snow

    It’s amazing what the biggest snow storm in memory can do to bring a sense of newness to one’s life. This is Dallas / Fort Worth, where just a month ago it snowed for the first Christmas in 80 years and is now more than four inches deep. We could reach nine inches by the […]

  • Happy New Year

    It’s January 1st, 2010. Praise God. We’ve made it. It’s a new day. God is building upon former stones. Taking us higher. Drawing us closer to His heart. God opposes the proud, but He gives grace to the humble. Be encouraged. We have an opportunity to humble ourselves before the Lord and receive His grace.

  • 98 Times God Mentions Dreams

    Listening to Jim Goll today, I was reminded that in whatever are we want to grow, we should meditate on Scriptures about that subject. We’ve had a flurry of meaningful dreams lately, but we aren’t yet very confident in our abilities to interpret. If you’d like insight on dreams, read through and study these passages of […]

  • When What God Speaks Doesn’t Seem to Be Happening

    One of the clearest things God ever spoke to me was “study to be a writer.” This has been the bane of my existence as much as anything ministry related. Let me set the story for you. The Background It’s 1999. I’ve completed all I can do at community college. It’s time to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. […]

  • Thought of the Day: Friday October 23, 2009

    If it’s the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to search out a matter, whose glory is it to blog a matter?