Tyson Chandler or Deron Williams?

Day 2 of 30

I wrote an amazing piece on the Dallas Mavericks today (what? I’m not shy). It’s become popular speculation that the Mavs can only afford one superstar: Tyson Chandler or Deron Williams. Who would you choose and why?

Finish the story on Tyson Chandler vs Deron Williams on my sports blog.

Who IS Dominique Jones? Video Highlights


Check this guy out. I had no idea who he was until after the draft. The Mavericks’ front office was SO stoked about getting him, saying he was among the top 3 shooting guards in the draft (what do I know? I don’t keep up with college ball anymore).

He’s got the moves. Suddenly, I’m in a much better mood. Go Mavs!

Here’s a quick interview with Dominique to get you acquainted.


Here’s one more interview. This one was taken a week before the draft.


Why DallasProSports Doesn’t Cover Every Mavericks Game

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Watching the Mavs

The Mavs started out okay tonight, but even with the score in their favor, Dallas is weak in the paint. That’s what you get when your starting power forward plays like a guard and your center can’t score to save his life.

Kobe didn’t dress up for this one. They’re speculating on tv that its because he doeant respect Dallas as a challenge. Whether that’s true or not, who can say?

Kris Humphries (former child swimming prodigy) has put in some decent minutes. Shawn Marion looks good. The rest of the offense looks flat footed and content with standingv outside and shooting threes.

We’re still early in the game, but I’m predicting a Lakeer win unless they lull themselves to sleep.