There’s no more Grey’s Anatomy. Well, no more gratuitously excessive episode watching, that is. The show will go on in a few days, but it is the end of my sweet escape. The show is not as meaningful in small doses. If it cannot become a week-long obsession, it falls miserably short of it’s “intended” purpose. It’s sad what a person will turn to when smoking is no longer an option. For me, it has been Whataburger, Starbucks, and Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m looking at my coffee table and wondering why I don’t feel the least embarrassed at the four Grey’s Anatomy DVD rental boxes sitting there. I’m not embarrassed. I feel no shame at all. And I don’t mind admitting that T.R. Knight, who plays the role of intern George O’Malley, is the most incredible television actor I’ve seen in years. He is the reason Grey’s Anatomy lasted more than a few episodes for me.

Theodore Raymond Knight, born in 1973, leads an all-star cast of surgeons and interns. The five interns of Grey’s Anatomy form this beautiful dysfuncitonal family. They face the most hideous diseases and traumas imaginable and despite imperfect advice and lacking morals, they manage to learn how to support and love each other through it all. For anyone who has missed out on the opportunity of real quality family time with their parents and siblings, Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that presents us with a picture and a hope of a second chance at belonging.

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