Sometimes it’s too hard to find the right words, and you have to just step out and speak your truth regardless.

I wake up every morning in pain. Not life threatening pain. Just pain that makes it a burden to get up. He kind of pain that many people would consider a valid reason for staying on the couch all day long. Chronic, every step is painful pain. 

It gets better after I acclimate. Longer than 10 minutes of an activity and my body gets warmed up and he pain lessens. 

Pain is not my focus, though. Wondering every single day what I SHOULD DO is. That’s the question I ask each and every day, and never really answer. 

What am I supposed to be doing? After God has declared a general purpose or theme for your life, how do you find your way? 

Seems like prayer would pay off and bring the answers. But it’s often a mixed bag. Sometimes it seems like there’s no one out there listening. Sometimes it seems like I’m being intentionally refused. 

And yet each day has to be lived. Whether you know what you’re doing or not. Whether you have a master plan or you don’t.

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