Soon to be a Father

I realized that although I’ve told all my close friends and family, it might not have made it to some of you that Heather and I have a baby on the way! This will be our first, and I am so ready!

God has a way of putting us in the right position at the right time. A year earlier, and Heather’s health or my attitudes would have cause problems.

But he has systematically prepared us physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually to welcome this first baby into the world with an awesome sense of excitement and anticipation.

New things are on the horizon all over. God in his timing, yet again. I’ll wait to tell you what’s happening until it’s official, but it seems to be good news for our family and my company.

In case you are wondering, baby is expected in early December. We refuse to name a date because we don’t accept the foolish notion that babies are born exactly nine months from conception every time, and we refuse to allow anyone to freak out if the baby is either “early” or “late”. Our newest family member will be right on time. Guaranteed.

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