No big surprise vote offs this week. Sara and Dominic were voted off. Though Dominic was a little obsessive about Cat Deeley, the guy could dance hip hop style with the best. Unfortunately, his height, dance technique, and overall stage presence were not up to Top Four standards. 

Sara was the beat girl who actually adapted much better than expected to most other styles of dance. It is her adaptability and lack of pretension which make it most difficult to see her go. The obvious truth is that she wasn't quite good enough in the solo department to make it much further.

And then there were six. Danny, Neil, Pasha, Sabra, Lauren, and Lacey. Skill-wise, Pasha is the obvious weak link for the men. Lauren, despite her winning attitude, is the weak link for the women. Expect them to be voted off next week.

My revised Top Four are: Danny, Neil, Sabra, and Lacey. And while Lacey gets all the girls in the audience charged up, she really doesn't have the individual dancing talent to win it all. She's a couples dancer, and it showed this week when she had to dance solo for the first time to stay in the competition. Sabra is the more talented solo dancer, but neither are strong enough to compete with the two remaining boys.

Danny is obviously the superior dancer here. He has the talent and the training to do anything. Danny's #1 challenge is expressing emotion. Neil is much more natural at expressing emotion and he is comfortable with himself. That helps him a lot. He is very athletic and acrobatic, but his form will ultimately lose to Danny's.

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