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If you’ve enjoyed reading some of the articles on Culture Feast, we’ve provided a host of other books, CDs, and online goodies for you to enjoy.

With each purchase, you help to support our mission here at Culture Feast: To challenge the next generation of thinking class individuals to explore a world of unconventional ideas and choose a path to be change in the world.

Personal Growth

The Art of Work, by Jeff Goins – Do you know what you are called to do? Do you know what purpose you were meant to fulfill? Jeff Goins’ newest groundbreaking book will open your eyes to answers you already knew but didn’t believe, and he’ll help you chart your future. This is a must read book.

What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn), by Seth Godin – The strangest looking book you need to read. It looks like a coffee table book full of quotable memes, but Godin takes you through all the arguments for why you should wait to be chosen to do something significant and he destroys each of them until you can walk away knowing that you’ve got what it takes to be the change you want to see in the world right now.

Do Over, by Jon Acuff – This is the book I’m reading right now. Jon Acuff has a way of bringing clarity where we’ve previously been confused. You may need a “do over” in life, and Jon will help you start.

Alive with Passion and Purpose, by Sandy Landry – In this book, you’ll find stories of fame and obscurity, tragedy and triumph, beauty and brutality. All of these people expressed their redemptive gift powerfully. Some enriched the world through the use of their gift, while others brought chaos and pain. These powerful stories will inspire you to seek out and maximize your redemptive gift for the benefit of all people. [BOOK]

The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living, by Chip Dodd – Do you want more out of life? Chip Dodd writes about reawakening to the dream that life really can be good, full, and rich. It’s about entering into an abundant life with all of its joy, pain, and mystery. [BOOK]

Forging a Future

Visioneering: God’s Blueprint for Developing and Maintaining Vision, by Andy Stanley – Visioneering is the engineering of a vision. It’s the process one follows to develop and maintain vision. Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it SHOULD be. [BOOK]

Innovative Agriculture

You Can Farm, by Joel Salatin – A host of urban and suburban thinkers have taken to the country to grow their own food and sell at local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and direct to consumer. They are providing heirloom crops, grass fed beef, pastured pork, raw grass fed dairy, and non-GMO pastured eggs. Joel Salatin is the voice of the new generation, casting the vision for how ecological farming can be profitable. [BOOK]

The Permaculture Handbook, by Peter Bane – An excellent resource for garden farming in both town and country. Study the elements, attitudes, and outcomes of the permaculture movement in this excellent new book. [BOOK]

Edible Forest Gardens, by Dave Jackie – This is a heavyweight two volume set that spells out both the principles behind edible forest gardens in volume 1 and the application in volume 2. A must-read set for the permaculture beginner. [BOOK]

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture, by J. Russell Smith – A permaculture classic. Published in 1929, this highly readable blueprint for the development of high-yield tree crops proves that vast, untapped food sources can be harvested from common species of North American trees. [BOOK]

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening, by Sepp Holzer – Holzer farms more than 100 acres on the steep mountainsides of Austria, 5,000 feet above sea level. This book covers every aspect of Holzer’s farming methods including practical details for planning and cultivation, and how to make a decent living from the land. [BOOK]

The Best of the Barefoot Farmer, Volume I, by Jeff Poppen – Volume I is a compilation of articles first published in the Macon County Chronicle on topics related to organic and biodynamic farming. The wisdom collected from years and years of farming experience will save beginners countless hours, days, and weeks of difficulty.

Innovative Business

Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers, by Michael A. Banks – One of our favorite books of all time. If you have an interest in blogging, these interviews with some of the first and top bloggers will inspire you to think differently, stick with it, and pursue your passion with the unique creative bent that makes you unlike anyone else. [BOOK]

Shaping Culture

The Meaning of the City, by Jacques Ellul – French philosopher Jacques Ellul challenges whether the urbanization of society was really the best historical path forward. From a biblical worldview, Ellul points to humanity’s original pastoral calling and function as the truest path for society. Ellul seems to consider urbanization to be mankind’s humanistic attempt to rally their forces and provide all their needs that God had offered to provide within the context of ongoing relationship. [BOOK]


How Children Raise Parents, by Dan B. Allender, Ph.D. – What if being a success isn’t our highest goal as parents? What if we have children to help us grow and develop as people? Learn how you can let go of the pressure to make sure your children succeed, and instead discover how to grow into spiritual maturity by listening to your children. [BOOK]

Heartfelt Discipline, by Clay Clarkson – Your children need discipline to mature into the optimal adults they can be. But there is one thing open to debate… HOW to discipline your children. Clay Clarkson lays a path for parents through three key principles of Direction, Correction, and Protection. [BOOK]

Grace Based Parenting, by Tim Kimmel – Rejecting rigid rules and checklists that don’t work, Dr. Kimmel recommends a parenting style that mirrors God’s love, reflects His forgiveness, and displaces fear as a motivator for behavior. [BOOK]


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