Seasons Greedings!

Christ, family, loved ones, friends… that is what this holiday is about, right?

It appears that we as a culture have gotten away from appreciating true love for what is and have equated that love with what and how many presents and gifts we receive. This time of year is a time to recognize the ones you love and care for in many ways. Not just with toys and clothes and money, but with time, respect, appreciation, love and adoration.

Give more, love more, hug more, and kiss more. Take this time to show the ones you care for that they are worth more than what is given… that love is not defined by what is received, but by what is felt in the heart. If communication is bad with your spouse, take this time to let him/her know that he/she is worth more to you than what he/she thinks. If you are having problems with your children, take this time to tell them that you appreciate them and that you will work harder to understand them and
establish a better relationship with them.

This is a special time. Love is the air, take advantage of it. Smile as often as possible, if not for any other reason, let it simply be because YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

This is a magical time that comes around only once a year! Don't ruin it for yourself by being GREEDY and upset because you did not get something you wanted or you felt you deserved. This season is really about giving, not
receiving. Christmas is not about YOU, it is about YOU DOING for others.

There is always something to give even if you don’t have money. Love is the
most powerful force on earth and that is one of the main ingredients that
make up this holiday season, LOVE!

So don’t sell yourself short by expecting and being greedy. Be more than that!  Give time, love and positive energy. Smile, laugh and share good tidings with friends, family, loved ones and those that are less fortunate and have no one. Sometimes time spent can be the most valuable gift you can
give. We all complain about not have enough of it, so that in itself makes
it valuable. Time that is.

This is a time to love the ones you love.

Take advantage of this special time and Holiday Season to show how much love
you have to give.

Merry Tidings and Happy Holidays,

– Anthony Neil Moss

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