It’s been far too long since I first heard The Fray’s “Cable Car – Over My Head” single…. close to a year now. Can that be true? I am sad. I am sad because The Fray made one of the last great songs I’ve heard. The only other is Dallas Green’s “Day Old Hate.” It is a beautiful song in its own right. But even with Dallas Green (or City and Colour), it’s been months since I first heard the song. I am collecting these great songs, hoping to put together the ultimate ballad compilation some day. There’s no telling how long it will take… guess it depends on the music.

If any of you have heard “Cable Car” and “Day Old Hate”, I’d love to hear your song recommendations. Yes, I’ve heard “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. It’s nice, it’s got a special something, but in the end, I just feel like I’ve memorized the song too quickly and the magic is gone (don’t read into that). So here it is – if any of you can help, send me the name of an artist and song that I should hear. Just so you know, metal, country, rap, screaming, classic rock, and tejano do NOT qualify. If you can comment intelligently about the band and/or song, I’ll post it here on CultureFeast. Music is just too important.

Songs worthy of mention are “Save Me” by Remy Zero, “Collapse” by Sparta, and “Make This Go On Forever” by Snow Patrol. Still, I need more music!Â

I need fresh sound. I’m counting on you.

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