Should You Be Satisfied Or Hungry?

It’s one of those topics that divides a room. There’s always at least three groups in the room.

Group 1 believes that a life always focused on attaining something in the future is a life spent never enjoying the present. Group 2 believes that a life always focused on the present sacrifices the future. Group 3 believes that life is a disappointment and will continue to be so no matter what.

Should you be hungry or satisfied?

The correct answer is: “it depends”.

It depends on your reasons. Not the ones you tell yourself, because we’re experts at lying to ourselves. But the REAL reasons.

Are you satisfied because you’re sucking the marrow from the bone of life? Or are you satisfied because you’re afraid to risk anymore and fail?

Are you hungry because you have so much more potential to create and build and make the world a better place? Or are you hungry because you don’t fully appreciate the people and things you already have?

Do you believe life is destined to suck because it’s impossible to turn out any other way? Or do you believe life sucks because you believe it and won’t change your choices because of that belief?

Which one are you?

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Daniel Dessinger

Daniel is an avid people watcher and writer who shares regularly on his self-awareness site, Founder of in 2005. Co-Founder of in 2009. He's on a mission to challenge the questions we ask and the assumptions we make.

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