That’s a question, not a statement. I was all excited by the prospect of faster download time, so I jumped at the opportunity to try the Safari 3 BETA. I tried Google first (of course), and all was well. I typed in, and the site looked good. By this time, I think to myself, I should blog about this! Safari rocks!

I log into my WordPress dashboard and click Write Post only to find that my CMS is all jacked up!!! The title and post fields are tiny and hiding down in the right hand sidebar below the fold. What the heck? WordPress isn’t Safari-friendly? Seriously?

Talk about a buzz kill. I’m back in Firefox just so I could comfortably write this complaint.

One response to “Safari for Windows is a Good Idea?”

  1. Okay, to be fair, I started out disgruntled with Safari but it’s obviously not a Safari problem. It’s a WordPress problem. So WordPress gurus, fix it! And fix it now.

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