Sabra JohnsonThe So You Think You Can Dance season three finale just concluded, and everyone I know is in shock. Sabra? Seriously? How on earth did she manage to beat Danny?

I wouldn't go so far as to say that this result was fixed by the show's producers, but I would say that they heavily promoted a female to win this year despite the obvious conclusion that Danny was the superior dancer.

Make that two years running that America has gotten it wrong. Last year, despite how charismatic Benji was, he couldn't hold a candle to Travis. Yet somehow America voted for Benji. But that was NOWHERE NEARLY as surprising as this season's finale. Danny was obviously the superior dancer. Neil was obviously the in-house crowd favorite. Lacey is Benji's sister. Sabra is this really talented and surprisingly fresh girl shorter than five feet tall. She's excellent, don't get me wrong. But she didn't deserve this prize.

Danny, Neil, and Lacey could each have won in my estimation. Each possessed a quality the others lacked. Sabra was definitely a ray of sunshine, but that is not the sort of quality you expect to be recognized and appreciated by the masses on a reality show / dance competition. You expect America to vote for the sexiest or the most charismatic. That is the way popularity seems to work. Except here.

You can't really begrudge her the prize. Sabra possesses the most excellent attitude of the final four dancers. She is positive energy wrapped up in an amazingly small package.

I'm amazed that Danny lost. I'm surprised that Lacey lost. I'm disappointed that Neil lost. I have no explanation for Sabra's victory. Perhaps some of you out there can explain this to me.  

9 responses to “Sabra Wins: America Gets It Wrong Again”

  1. The only thing I can think of is that she was far ahead for several weeks and we just didn’t know about it since they don’t reveal the numbers of votes each show.

    I _do_ know that Danny’s vote line was busy for the entire 2 hours. Not sure what that means, but there it is.

  2. Well, it is possible that she was ahead each week. There must be a very large and very different segment of the American population out there voting for her.

    Because whenever Russell and I agree on a matter, what else do you need? That means it’s carved in stone!


  3. I wonder if the SYTYCD show is rigged??? It seems the producers were so determined to have a girl win this year they picked Sabra when she clearly was not the best dancer!

  4. well its america’s fave dancer not best even though danny was excellent sabra was a ray of fresh air she just beamed and was every ones FAVORITE

  5. While I see your point, you don’t help your case by misspelling every other word in your comment.

  6. For the record, “King of the Court”, i edited your comment because we don’t allow senseless profanity on this site. We love getting comments, but prefer you to do us the courtesy of limiting yourself to stating an opinion or making a point.

  7. R u KIDDING ME!!!????!!! danny is a tall, arrogant sh** head…sabra dominated all the dance genre’s they gave her!!!!! danny cudnt do hip hop, all he cud do was spin and and jump…jus becuz sabra was “less than five feet” it dosent mean she dosent deserve it. Sabra Johnson IS the BEST. btw guys, sabra started dancing jus 4 years before the show and danny huh?….he’s WHOLE LIFE!

  8. If you have listened to the judges (at least Nigel) he says personality is equal to if not more important than the dancing because America wants to see a real life person not a person who dances great but has the personality of a stump or the arrogance that Danny had. I personally disliked Danny all the way because he seemed to think he was always better than, not only the other dancers but the choreographers as well sometimes. Sabra was my FAVORITE dancer from her audition and she only improved. Although I do think the female issue was pressed a bit much from producers I do feel Sabra was best in personality and flawless in dancing. Also to being the “best” dancer is impossible for America to decide because the majority of fans are not professional judges, dancers, or choreographers so it is on what and who America likes.

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