• Sabra Wins: America Gets It Wrong Again

    Sabra JohnsonThe So You Think You Can Dance season three finale just concluded, and everyone I know is in shock. Sabra? Seriously? How on earth did she manage to beat Danny?

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that this result was fixed by the show's producers, but I would say that they heavily promoted a female to win this year despite the obvious conclusion that Danny was the superior dancer.

    Make that two years running that America has gotten it wrong. Last year, despite how charismatic Benji was, he couldn't hold a candle to Travis. Yet somehow America voted for Benji. But that was NOWHERE NEARLY as surprising as this season's finale. Danny was obviously the superior dancer. Neil was obviously the in-house crowd favorite. Lacey is Benji's sister. Sabra is this really talented and surprisingly fresh girl shorter than five feet tall. She's excellent, don't get me wrong. But she didn't deserve this prize.

    Danny, Neil, and Lacey could each have won in my estimation. Each possessed a quality the others lacked. Sabra was definitely a ray of sunshine, but that is not the sort of quality you expect to be recognized and appreciated by the masses on a reality show / dance competition. You expect America to vote for the sexiest or the most charismatic. That is the way popularity seems to work. Except here.

    You can't really begrudge her the prize. Sabra possesses the most excellent attitude of the final four dancers. She is positive energy wrapped up in an amazingly small package.

    I'm amazed that Danny lost. I'm surprised that Lacey lost. I'm disappointed that Neil lost. I have no explanation for Sabra's victory. Perhaps some of you out there can explain this to me.