I love what companies like Barnwood Inc. are doing with old building materials. Taking aged wood from dilapidated barns, fences, and other structures and transforming it into rich, gorgeous custom furniture and housing is such a noble enterprise. Waste not, want not.

Can’t you feel a deep appreciation for taking something with history and repurposing it into something both stunning and useful? Reminds me of the drive I used to make to my grandparents’ house in Tulsa. Along the way, we’d see old farm structures rotting and tilting to one side. Obviously no one had used these buildings for decades, and it made me sad to know that so much history is going to rot.

While each child or grandchild might not be able to fix up the historical family barn and put it to good use, who wouldn’t want a custom bedroom set or dining room table made from the wood their great grandparents trusted to keep their livelihood safe and warm?

And while these may be high dollar items, I won’t begrudge the affluent a chance to do their part and recycle, rather than chopping down more trees when existing lumber will suffice.

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