If I was a goose, would I start out as the ugly duckling? Probably. Why is it that people always pretend to have a good life to save face? Is it really so bad to be one of the billions who lives a life of stress, loneliness, insecurity, and fear? Why hide it? What’s the worst that could happen if everyone were honest? Advertisement and Marketing spending might plummet because no one would pay for BS. But then again, people would finally be able to look perfect strangers in the eye and say hello. That’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

There’s not a lot to think about when you’ve been sitting in the same room for hours and your eyes ache from staring at the stupid screen. I used to think I was full of deep thoughts. Then I got married and worked a real job and paid bills. Suddenly, deep thoughts became luxuries that I only experience late at night when I write in my journal. I used to argue with my friends because I didn’t think they used their minds enough to consider the “important things in life.” Of course, those friends were married and had children and real jobs while I was a college student living for free.

What an ass I have been! If any of you happen to read this, I apologize for being a jackass.

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