This appears to be a very important step in renewing your mind. One that, I must confess, I don’t always adhere to. Sometimes I feel compelled to share what I’ve just heard because it makes so much sense and should be good news to many people. Of course, the regurgitation of said news is rarely powerful enough to make a difference, and I end up getting frustrated with other people for not acknowledging the wisdom I’ve spouted.

Take time to process. In today’s blogging culture, it’s easy to spit out any and every tidbit of information you come across without so much as an hour of reflection. Keep in mind, however, that you can’t feed the masses with half-prepared meat. You should allow yourself to digest and possibly implement truths into your own life before trying to help others see the “light.”

After all, we learn to accept most what we see in practice by others. That’s what real credibility is all about.

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