Prediction: An Anti-Wifi Tech Industry Will Emerge

Apple leads the way with non-negotiable wireless technology built into more and more of its products. Wireless charging, Bluetooth headsets, wifi file sharing, streaming everything from “The Cloud.”

As the innovator and tech brand people can’t seem to live without, Apple has continually set new standards before the market was ready to adopt. But Apple doesn’t care. Apple tells you what you want and what you need.

Remove DVD drives to make space, reduce hard drive storage space, and promote a new Cloud-based system for accessing data.

The problem is, constant streaming, wifi, and Bluetooth come at a cost. And that cost is your health.

Mark my words, a backlash industry will be formed for wired-only products in an attempt to regain the trust of consumers who one day discover that half a dozen of their significant health problems are the result of a lifetime of close-proximity wifi/cell signal exposure.

Lest we forget, there was a point in American history when smoking wasn’t bad for you either.

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Daniel Dessinger

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