I can see it now. Eventually, everything handheld will be iPod. Apple originally came out with the iPod as a means to carry digital copies of music stored on a flash drive. Then came the iPod Video and license agreements with several major television networks. You could buy the most recent episode of LOST or Monk and download it to your iPod. I have to be honest, I was extremely excited by the possibility of having my LOST episodes in front of my while I cycle at the gym. Of course, here I am a year later still without an iPod Video.

What an effrontery upon the Daniel cool factor! iPods have progressed to full-length movies and downloadable games (nothing too advanced yet). Apple may not be making the greatest percentage of profit, yet, but the possibilities seem endless. On the horizon, Apple will have some important decisions to make. Will they take the plunge toward the unknown and be the first to successfully bridge the gap between media player and cellphone? What about email, Internet access, and other smartphone capabilities? And you know the camera function will double as a digital video recorder! Think about it. Within the next five years, everyone in America could own the iPod Video Smartphone.

Download all the photos, videos, and music you want. Use the touchscreen stylus to enter information into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Call a friend. Take a photo of the freakshow dancing inside the mall. Update your calendar of appointments. Check your emails. Visit your MySpace page or check for movie showtimes Fandango.com. Play Tetris while you wait in line. Heck, why play Tetris? Play NBA 2011! Link up wirelessly with other players. Have a video teleconference with other bleeding edge business professionals.

The only limit is your imagination…. well, your imagination and Apple innovation…. Okay – your imagination, Apple innovation, and your wallet.

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