What exactly is a person supposed to do after work? We are all influenced by the people within close proximity to us on a regular basis. That narrows it down for me. I see my wife, my cat, the postman, and the young men I play basketball with at the rec.

I think of people I know who still have social lives. I am amazed. My sister, for example. Up in Oklahoma, she probably hangs out with friends three times a week at least. I don’t do anything outside of my house three times a week anymore except exercise.

I know of a whole group of people my age or a little younger who live within a radius of 8 miles from our church. Those people get together much more frequently simply because it’s more convenient. Heck, if my closest friends were only five minutes away, I’d probably see them several times a week, or at least per month. But I live twenty minutes from church, which means that no one who lives over there wants to come out here. Sure, they would come if I owned some land or an amazing pool with tropical landscaping. Anyone would take a twenty minute journey to enjoy a mini-vacation.

Such is life.

Some days, I force myself to take brief breaks outside, just to experience the weather. I was planning on doing most of my work from my laptop outside via wireless, but the router I bought was so sub par that I am taking it back.

Being outdoors is difficult sometimes. Ever since I quit smoking. That was what, a year ago already? Guess so. Time flies. Not really. I took a beating this past year – part of it, anyway.

I feel a little pressure to write something brilliant, now that Kristine has said the fam is gathered around the computer. Give a guy some time to get his bearings. I’ll find brilliance hiding somewhere. In the meantime, I just hope I can sleep without the intrusion of blogmania. Perhaps I will have to give it a different name. That one sounded rather like a video game.

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