I Like to See Drawrings

I’m still not sure how I found this theme. I’d never heard of Obox before today. Credit to TweetDeck search column, I guess.

Left Handed is a premium theme for WordPress. “Premium” means you have to pay to get it. It’s one of the less conventional looking themes, in that most of the theme’s design is hand drawn, giving an underground, cult-classic type of feel.

It’s 3.0 compatible, which means you’ll be able to use the extremely useful menu editing functions.

Custom Sidebar

We usually see free or premium themes slightly modified with shareware buttons that six thousand other bloggers will soon have on their site if they don’t already. I love it when a blog theme provides custom imagery like the conversation bubble next to Latest Comments, or the plane in the clouds above Categories.

The upside of custom imagery is that they complete the unique feel of the site.

The downside is that everyone who buys the rights to use this theme will have the same custom imagery.

I like to take premium themes like this and use every inch of custom work as an inspiration for my own custom possibilities.

I don’t do the art myself, and I can’t claim to be the most creative person ex-nihlo. But I can edit with the best of them. Give me something on a canvas and I can tell you how to make it better.

So if you purchase this theme or any premium theme with custom artwork, I strongly recommend you get a designer to replace some of the custom pieces with your own unique stuff. You get the benefit of starting off with someone else’s creativity and you turn it into your own unique site.

Color Options

You can choose between three colors: blue, army green, and red. The plane and other artwork remains the same color, but the tabs for each sidebar widget, arrows, and comment count clouds change.

Custom Footer

It’s a solid preview here of footer functionality. Flickr, which is generally useless for a blog except that it shows a little of the blogger’s personality and interests (kind of a window into the soul kind of thing). Twitter, which I think every site should have, in case your visitor comes from any other referral site and has no idea that you’re even on Twitter. And the don’t-leave-home-without-it contact form.

It’s well rounded and each widget comes in at relatively the same size, so your footer box can avoid that massive flux of one super long widget beside a second much smaller widget. That always throws off a blog’s chi.

Other Features

Custom Logo Input – upload your logo with a click of a button.

Ajax Comments – no need to reload the page after you submit a comment. You could watch a video and leave a comment at the same time.

Page Templates – Archives, Portfolio, and Full Width page templates included.

And More

Theme Pricing

Ready to purchase? You have three purchasing options for Left Handed theme with Obox.

1) Single Use License – You can purchase a single-use permission for $30 and get a second single-use permission theme absolutely free.

2) Developer License – You can purchase a developer license for $80 and still get a second developer licensed theme absolutely free.

3) Subscription – You can purchase a subscription, which gives you access to all themes as you pay $99, or $15/month.


DISCLAIMER: I chose to become an affiliate of this site after seeing this theme. I like the product enough to recommend it, which means I have no qualms profiting from your purchase.

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