I’m so excited about a book coming out by Dr. Alan Christianson. He has performed studies on obesity and concluded that unlike EVERYTHING we’ve been told, obsetiy is not an issue of character or laziness. It’s an issue of adrenal health and what your adrenals tell the rest of your body.

While I was attending the Wellness Media Leadership Mastermind, Dr. Christianson explained that when we are deficient in any number of nutrients, fats, or proteins, the body takes that as a signal that famine may be coming. The body’s natural response is to hoard sugars and carbs for the future, in an attempt to preserve self. The result is weight gain, or more accurately “waist gain”.

When the person sees that they’ve gained undesirable weight, they may choose to reduce their caloric intake. The body suddenly starts receiving fewer calories (remember, calories = energy), and says “Aha! I knew it! Famine is coming! I must conserve even more energy if I am going to survive. So the body refuses to access and burn some of the fewer calories it DOES receive, and thus more energy is stored on the body in the form of fat.

The diet isn’t cutting it, so the person decides to start exercising regularly. The body says, Whoa! We must be in MAJOR crisis. I better store more even more energy. This is getting serious. And there you have weight gain increasing despite diet and exercise.

Our Approach Isn’t Working, America

With this new information, we see that our approach to cutting calories and increasing exercise isn’t going to cut it. We need a shift in our thinking and our approach to weight loss. First, we need to restore our adrenals to health. Doing so, Dr. Christianson says, will likely catapault many people into a slimmer version of their current self.

This news is going to have dramatic effects on the American public. It NEEDS to have a dramatic effect. It’s time to stop hiding in shame and stop blaming ourselves as though we are intrinsically bad people because of our weight. It’s time to really take control of our weight for the first time in 20 years and heal our adrenals!

There’s so much more to learn about this subject. I’m thrilled, though, because Heather and I had just started on an adrenal recovery diet 10 days before we heard this amazing news. I’m grateful to be on the same page as Dr. Christianson without even knowing it.

You can pre-order Dr. Alan Christianson’s new book, The Adrenal Reset Diet, on Amazon. His book is scheduled to launch on December 30, 2014.

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