It is truly a sad day in the life of North Richland Hills citizens. Those of us who frequent Davis Boulevard will now be subject to the whim of automated red light cameras. 

"The cameras keep the streets safer." Really? Who really believes that? Let's call a spade a spade. The city needs money. They're building a brand new library, to be immediately followed by a new recreation center, both centrally located in the Home Town area. NRH is growing and improving, and red light cameras help pay the bills.

But what happens when you dispute a red light camera photo before a judge? Who testifies on behalf of the camera? Who answers questions about the veracity of the photographs claims?

My concern here is with unmonitored technology. Sure, someone may someday maintenance these cameras to ensure proper functionality. But what constitutes running a red light to this automated camera? Is it crossing the white line after the light has turned red? Or does it expand the definition to include any movement within the intersection once the light has turned red?

Here's my point: to my knowledge, I am breaking no laws if I pass through an intersection as long as the light was yellow when i broke the plane of the intersection. Once I have penetrated the intersection, the light can turn red and I have no fault.

But I've watched that annoying flash bulb light up three or four times within a second to help the camera capture license plates of offending vehicles and some of those vehicles appeared to already be within the intersection before the light turned red.

Let's be fair. I don't care that we should drive defensively. Law is law. If I am not breaking the law in the eyes of a human police officer, then I better not be flagged as a violator by some automated system. The law is the same regardless of who we put in place to enforce it.

If you can shed light on the situation, let's hear from you. Add a comment to this post and weigh in. I have my doubts that anyone can defend the cameras' flawlessness, unless some photos are evaluated elsewhere and not ticketed.  

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