• New Joost Invites Available!

    That’s right! We have more Joost invites to give away. So this is how it works. In order to receive a Joost invitation, add a link to CultureFeast using the phrase “Dallas copywriter” as your anchor text. It doesn’t matter if you link to the Home Page or any other page on the site. Whether you just add one sentence about your favorite Dallas copywriter or your least favorite, if you make “Dallas copywriter” the anchor text for a link to our site, we’ll hook you up with an invite to Joost.

    For those of you who are still unaware, Joost is Internet television access. You can watch all kinds of shows online through Joost. It’s a growing phenomenon which we expect to gain global popularity within the next 18 months. Get in on it now, and get in by linking to CultureFeast.com.

    Thanks in advance for the link love! Post a comment with the URL in which the anchor text and link are located. Once we’ve varified that the link exists, your invite will be on its way!