It’s official: MySpace is taking over the planet. Don’t look at me with that blank stare. You have to have known already it was true. The signs are all there. First off, I joined, and you know I don’t know about something until millions are already tired of it. Second, my mom joined (though she never uses it). Third, I am seeing almost as many parents of my friends on MySpace as I see friends my age. Fourth, pastors, pastors’ wives, elders, and other church leaders are joining up and taking advantage of MySpace’s networking power. It’s scary.

MySpace is like the Google of networking. They have the information available to them to help companies market more effectively to millions of Americans. I don’t know if they use this information for marketing yet, but they have a unique collection of people’s preferences, likes, dislikes, ideas, photos, connections. If you want to do a sociological study, log in to MySpace. You have nearly 73 million people at your disposal to examine. There are some serious implications here. If everyone starts using MySpace, it will take over the need for personal email accounts.

Naturally, business email would still be used, but why have a dozen email address when you can go to MySpace and see your friends while you write to them? Mark my words: you may not hear about it tomorrow or next week, but you will eventually hear about how MySpace has used your personal MySpace info to assist someone in their quest to sell you stuff. Does that mean I’m going to drop out of MySpace again? Heck no. At least, not for now.

But if someone would PLEASE, PLEASE change the stupid advertising that I see everytime I log in, I would be extremely grateful! I’m married! I don’t need to see some stupid ad for dating services with provocative women. If they’re so good at targeted marketing, why don’t they realize that I am married and only post ads on my page that apply to me?

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