It’s Day 1… 10:15am. Intermittent fasting has begun. I’ve literally been awake for two hours, and my stomach is growling more than I can recall in recent months. I feel nervous, as if I might explode before the day is done. Drinking so much coffee has me feeling bloated. I may need a couple extra emergency trips to the men’s room. But I’m committed. Not because I need to lose weight, although I really, REALLY do. Not because it will make me look better, though it really will. No, I’m doing this because I need momentum.

One of the hardest things to establish after years of defeats or surrender is momentum. Sustaining movement takes less effort than initiating movement. Gravity is working against you. You have no motion in your favor. You have to exert enough power from a stationary position to overcome gravity and negative leverage. Therefore, the most difficult moment.

Once you achieve motion, it’s much easier to adjust your direction. You can move left or right or just correct by an inch or two either way.

Intermittent fasting is my momentum. The hardest thing for me to do is to wake up every day from a state of rest and initiate thinking, planning, and motivation. It’s almost like those abilities are hidden and I need someone else to come find them in me and draw them out. So I’m doing what appears to be the easiest of the available options to build momentum. Rather than creating, I’m subtracting. Say no to food from waking to 2PM. Check. I don’t have to write a sonnet or strategize. I just make myself a LOT of coffee and tell myself no. And then I hold on and wait for 2PM. 🙂

Again, this is two hours into Day 1. I sound so sure of myself, don’t I. What do I know?

What Kind of Fasting Are You Doing?

I’m following the Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting guidelines. That basically means I eat as much as I want from 2pm – 8pm. Then I am fasting from 8pm – 2pm. In the morning, I make and drink as much Bulletproof coffee as I want. When I eat, I adhere to the Bulletproof Diet guidelines, which are essentially the organic, grass-fed, wild caught Paleo lifestyle we already live.

I can eat as many meals as I want between 2-8pm. The rest of the time my body is achieving a ketogenic state via fasting and drinking Bulletproof coffee (clean coffee beans w/no mycotoxins, two special coconut oils, and a few tablespoons of grass-fed butter.

Stay tuned.

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