I wish it were over, but even at 7pm on a Friday evening, it isn’t even close. Heather is in our home office as I type, working on our taxes.

A couple crazy things happened this week. First, I was pulled over by a police officer on Wednesday evening. He informed me that not only are my license plates expired, but they belong to a Mazda. The problem with that is that my car isn’t a Mazda. He was kind enough to explain to me what I needed to do to get my plates changed, and then proceeded to write me a ticket. Thanks a lot, buddy.

So I drive to the county subcourthouse the following morning and get my new license plates – no biggie. Then I stop by the city municipal complex to pay my ticket, only to find out that I didn’t wait long enough. Apparently, I have to wait three business days before attempting to pay for a ticket. Huh! That’s what I get for being prompt.

Now it’s Friday, and a severe thunderstorm just passed through our area. We had golfball to baseball sized hail outside the house. I didn’t expect it to actually hail that badly, so I didn’t have either car in the garage. Now we have a cracked windshield and holes in our hot tub cover and our outdoor umbrella. I’ll have to check the roof tomorrow. At least one tornado touched down in Fort Worth and the storm is now east of Dallas.

Here’s hoping the weekend goes better.

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