Most Blogs Are Drivel

It’s true. Most blogs are complete wastes of time. They’re like that 30 minute segment of entertainment news before prime time television: your life isn’t any better for having watched it, but it kept you occupied until the goods were delivered. I’ve spent months reading up on blogging and how to do it successfully. That should be surprising since I employ almost none of the experts’ recommendations.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how these “how to” bloggers got started? I mean, think about it: Darren Rowse woke up one day and decided to start a blog about how to make money blogging. How did he know how to do it until he did it? Who knows? Maybe he was already raking in the dough from some of his other 20 blogs.

CultureFeast is just as guilty as many other blogs for being light on the content side for the sake of brief entertainment value. It’s a fine line, and I’ve slipped towards the shallow side a few times too many. All dreams of becoming a professional blogger have died away and now I’m just writing for the sake of writing.

It’s time we get back to the subjects that matter most. This could be my grassroots back to the basics movement… power to the people!… which would be me….ummm….. stick it to the man!….. which would also be, uhhh, me…

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Daniel Dessinger

Daniel is an avid people watcher and writer who shares regularly on his self-awareness site, Founder of in 2005. Co-Founder of in 2009. He's on a mission to challenge the questions we ask and the assumptions we make.

One thought on “Most Blogs Are Drivel”

  1. Someone once said that 90 percent of everything is crap. This is true of the blogosphere. Of course, my blog is an exception to the rule. And so is your blog.

    Thanks for playing.

    Have a nice day!

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