When you deal with chronic pain or disease, it’s easy to lose momentum. Or more accurately put, it’s fairly difficult to build momentum. But once momentum is achieved, you ride that sucker until you can’t ride no mo’.

I find that sitting is the biggest momentum killer. If I have a handful of active chores to accomplish, maintaining my upward stance is vital to productivity. Not only does sitting offer the Internet and a thousand distractions online, but it’s that much harder to defy gravity yet again to create new momentum once it’s lost.

It’s the same in building your dream. Once you’ve cast the vision, momentum has begun to accelerate. Immediately after, you need to pick quick and easy wins to keep going. Small victories maintain the upward climb and give confidence that success is truly possible.

Beware of a lifetime of easy wins, though. Easy wins can also lead to a life of project management, which goes nowhere new. Small victories build momentum, but the time comes when discernment should lead us to tackle a medium sized task, or an occasional large task. Maintaining mental focus and encouragement is crucial, like oil in a car. It keeps the parts moving.

Stay lubed, my friends. Or something.

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