• Missed My Calling: I Should Be a Papaya Clothing Marketer

    I should write about women’s fashion more often. This Papaya Clothing store project is blowing up! On average, CultureFeast gets 60 visitors per day who are looking for information about Papaya clothing stores. There’s a seriously untapped market here. I should start a blog about the most popular women’s clothing stores: Papaya, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about women’s clothing, so I’d have to find some good writers to cover the details.

    Being the domain name junkie that I am, I’ve already searched for good domain names should I seriously consider undertaking such an enterprise. unfortunately, there’s no time in the day. I’m gonna be a daddy, I have a full-time job, three blogs which don’t see enough action already, and a company blog which also needs more of my attention.

    So here’s a free tip: if you’re reading this and you love women’s fashion (hopefully you’re a woman, but whatever), find yourself a domain and do some serious research. Find all the Papaya Clothing store locations you can find and post a list of them on your website. Become a resource for desperate shoppers all across the country.

    Or you can just visit my website and keep your fingers crossed that my efforts will make a difference in getting their website finished.