ABC News featured a story tonight about the ever-growing trade of medical tourism, especially to India. The cameras followed Dodie Gilmore of Caddo, Oklahoma across the United States, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia. Dodie is a real estate agent and owns 180 acres. She travels regularly across the acreage, feeding her cows. Arthritis in her hip has made such routines painful and difficult. The hip resurfacing she needed would cost her anywhere from $28k to $40k in the U.S. She was introduced to the idea of inexpensive surgery in India, and decided to take the plunge. She managed to save two thirds of what she would have spent in the States. She also managed to see part of the world she never expected to have the opportunity to see. Medical tourism providers, like Global Surgical Solutions, provide all the information and help necessary for a medical procedure in India.

Procedures that can be scheduled by GSS include cosmetic surgery, infertility treatments, dental procedures, hip replacement, knee replacement, pacemakers, coronary bypass surgery, balloon valvuloplasty, coronary angioplasty, electrophysiological study, coronary angiography, heart valve replacement, liposuction, gastric bypass surgery, and several holistic therapies. For more information on surgery in India or medical tourism, visit GSS on the web at

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