When it comes to fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny, is it a matter of submitting to God/Fate or is it a matter of proactive decision making, perseverance, and determination?

I’ve heard the arguments for both. Sometimes you get too big for your britches and need to be lowered a peg or three. While you acclimate to an emotional posture of humility, opportunities sometimes just arise out of nowhere. And BOOM! You’re walking in a new realm of possibility.

Other times you wait around to be chosen, and life’s opportunities pass you by. Someone out there hungrier than you jumped at the hint of a chance and busted their butt to get recognized or to create something worth sharing. And that someone else stepped into the lifestyle you could have enjoyed.

So how do you know which it is? What if you step forward and push hard only to delay the inevitable? Then again, what if you do nothing and wait for what you believe is rightfully yours, only to live a mediocre life that you end up regretting?

Somewhere in the mix, we all need a little DISCERNMENT. Discernment is reading the situation and “discerning” which action is called for given the circumstances. There’s no formula for knowing. There’s only discerning and following your conviction.

And while the next phase awaiting you may activate from one type of approach, the phase or step after that might require more waiting and humble acceptance.

Know the time and place you are in. Pray. Ask for wisdom and discernment. And trust the sense that follows.

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