Kidd Kraddick In the Morning is one of the most popular morning radio shows nationwide. It’s syndicated all over the place. I find myself flipping between Kidd and the ESPN morning show with Mike & Mike. The sports guys aren’t as entertaining as Randy Galloway, but they’re also not as annoying as Dale Hansen, so I give them a listen from time to time.

But I usually spend more time on 106.1 KISS FM and the Kidd Kraddick In the Morning show. They have a broad range of personalities, from Kelly and Big Al to JC, Taylor, Psycho Shannon, and, of course, the fake Kinsey.

The show is always entertaining. I’m amazed at the quality of the show, considering how many hours per morning they have to fill. I expected them to get to a point where there’s just nothing new to say. Granted, they’re not often covering deep and meaningful topics. It’s more like a Seinfeld episode of haphazard topics and jokes. Each person on staff has to make their life an open book, which is how they have enough material to keep the show rolling.

I’m just grateful that Kidd and the gang are around in the morning so that the pathetic Lex & Terry (102.1 The Edge) show isn’t the only national ticket in town. Talk about dirty old men with raspy smokers voices and nothing but sex on the brain! The few times I’ve actually tried listening to their show, I felt like I need to bathe afterwards.

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning has my vote for best morning radio show, period. Now if only Kidd would listen to me when I tell him which artists are going to be huge!

4 responses to “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning For Best Morning Radio Show”

  1. Kidd,

    After hearing about Taylor’s gullible Sanjaya experience, I’m a bit hesitant to believe that it’s really you. But just in case it is, thanks for checking in.

    I got a lot of attention for my previous posts about some ESPN Radio personalities, but this was my first time to discuss the KISS FM group (not sure why).

    I might put KKITM on a more frequent rotation if someone from the team can stop by to comment every once in a while.

  2. Daniel:
    u rock! (Sorry, Kinsey says, “u RAWK”)
    You must have fans because I got two emails about your blog. Had to check it out myself.
    Ready to hear about those bands. Hook me up at [email protected]


  3. Love your comments on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. I have found myself all alone laughing out loud. We have a show in Vegas similar to the “pathetic Lex & Terry”. It is Mark and Mercedes and without fail they always end up in the gutter. A few innuendos are one thing but they are like small children who totally wear out anything that can be twisted into something sexual. It is too bad Kidd has been dropped here from 93.1 The Party.

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