I experienced a lifegiving practice through Cliff, Jen, and Jessie at the end of my Permaculture Design Course. They brought each student forward and asked the group to speak one word descriptions that most accurately represent the individual. Someone wrote those words down on the back of the PDC certificate for each person to take home with them and read over and over again.

I was shocked at how people in the group saw me when it was my turn. It was very freeing to know that they appreciated things like my humor and integrity. It was even more fun getting to speak lifegiving words over the other students as they each had their turn in the mush pot.

It’s been my desire to do this for friends on Facebook when I’m notified of their birthday. Since today is my precious wife Heather’s birthday, I can’t think of a better time or place to begin. In my ideal world, the rest of you would join in with me in celebrating her as I share the ONE descriptive word that feels most true about Heather.

I could say so many things. She is beautiful. She is intriguing. She is faithful. But my word for heather that rings most true is this:

Heather is TENACIOUS.

Happy Birthday, Heather. Knowing you isn’t always easy, but nothing in my life has been more worth my time.

27 responses to “Join Me In Celebrating My Wife, Heather!”

  1. Sisu.

    Sisu is a Finnish word generally meaning determination, bravery, and resilience. However, the word is widely considered to lack a proper translation into any other language. Sisu is about taking action against the odds and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity.

    Thank you Mommypotamus… For your own Sisu.

  2. I don’t know Heather on a persona level but I’ve been following her blog for a long time and have looked up to her as role model for how someone should run their blog. I’d have to say kind soul. Does that count as one word? What if I put a hyphen? Kind-soul. There, one word.

  3. I also haven’t had the pleasure of knowing your family personally, but I followed your struggles and triumphs through your blog and they all bring me to 1 adjective: Determined!

    I bet you accomplish anything you put your mind to!

  4. Radiant. The last time that I visited with Heather, she was very pregnant, and one of the most radiantly beautiful mommas I’ve seen Pregnant or not, she radiates health & joy.

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