Despite the obvious issues with the collective bargaining agreement, Jerry Jones’ choice for head coach is complicated. There MIGHT not be a 2011 season, but more concerning is the Tony Romo golden egg timeline. Say what you want about his charisma or leadership ability, Tony Romo is still the best all around quarterback to don a Cowboys uniform since Troy Aikman. And that means expectations are high.

Let’s face it – no one thinks Stephen McGee is the future of this franchise. Even if he turns out to be a serviceable quarterback, McGee does not appear to have what it takes to take the Cowboys back to the promised land. And after this year, as long as Tony Romo wears the star, the Cowboys will likely win enough games each season to miss out on top quarterback prospects.

Time is Short

Which brings us back to Garrett, Jones, and the Tony Romo era. Romo will turn 31 this year. By most QB standards, that puts him at his peak headed for the downhill slope. Granted, Romo sat a few years, so his body is still in relatively good shape for his age. But unless Tony can manage to channel his inner-Favre, he’s got a max of three years remaining at optimal performance levels. That’s a hefty biological clock that Jerry better be listening to.

The risk at hiring Jason Garrett as head coach is obvious. If Garrett turns out to be a bust at personnel decisions, he’ll squander the only chance this team has for a ring until it rebuilds. With only half a season of head coaching experience under his belt, it’s no wonder so many voices in the media are questioning this decision. Yes, her performed well this year. Yes, he’s been a part of the organization for several years.

Don’t Forget the Past

But what about Garrett’s play calling that put the Cowboys in such a bad position early this year? He held 50% of the play calling responsibility, and yet ultimately none of the  blame.

It’s a risky decision either way. Whether Jerry sticks with Jason Garrett and hopes for continuity or flips the script and brings in a name like Gruden, the window is closing on the Cowboys’ best chances at a Super Bowl.

Stay tuned.

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