If you haven’t toyed around at Virb.com yet, it’s time you do. I just joined Virb at the recommendation of Nathan Holman, my SEO/Panera/Starbucks/stupid movie buddy. I give him the credit for finding it (God only knows how he comes across his information), but it’s my turn to popularize it.

Nathan added a link to Virb in a CultureFeast comment the other day. I refused to click the link for a solid 24 hours, quoting such reasons as “I’m sick and tired of reading about new sites in the 30 blogs I read daily.” I mean, hey, that’s a valid excuse, right? Everyone wants to be on the first wave of comments about Twitter, Virb, MyBlogLog, Joost, Freebase, Urbis, Muvas, NeoWorx, Scroogle, and a hundred other sites. I’m sick of hearing about them, honestly. Sure, I check them out, ’cause there’s always the fear that I’ll miss out on the next best thing if I don’t. But most of them turn into sites I never visit more than once a month.

Virb is different, though. Trust me. I should know. At one time or another, I’ve been a member of Xanga (not anymore, I promise), MySpace, Hyyves, Orkut, Hi5, MyPraize, Friendster, Facebook, Muvas, and five other even more obscure communities. I know of which I speak when I say that upon first click and view, Virb popped out at me and said, “Hey, YOU! I’m a bada$$ site!!! Join me or suck!” To which I had no decent reply except to join.

Words really won’t do. Stop by and visit the site. Just look at the clean styling of the site. Notice that some of the bands have entire albums available for your listening pleasure (and you can post multiple songs to play on your profile page). In the style department, it is everything MySpace has failed to be.

If you decide to join, which I can’t see why you wouldn’t (unless you’re still deceived into believing that you’re too cool for social networking sites), drop by my page and say hi. Hey, send me a friend invite, even! You can find me at Virb.com/DanielthePoet.

And if you happen to notice some things that Virb lacks which Big Brother MySpace is actually good at, let me know here.

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