As expected, the sports commentators are all buzzing about the quarterback “controversy” in Dallas. When Big Bill took Drew Bledsoe out of the Giants’ game on Monday, he signaled to Drew and to the country that he had more of chance at winning with Tony Romo at the helm. For those of you not paying attention to all the Dalllas hoopla, fans and commentators alike have been calling for Tony Romo since last season.

It’s not that anyone hates Drew Bledsoe. Actually, quite the opposite. Everyone who knows him seems to speak very highly of Drew as a man, a husband, and a father. Unfortunately, family virtues don’t win football games, and they don’t keep Bill Parcells from sitting you on the bench. Anyone who has paid attention to the NFL over the past decade knows that Bledsoe was quite a talent.

I remember when he was injured and Tom Brady ended up taking the team all the way. I remember watching the following season with interest as the New England Patriots chose to start Tom Brady even with a healthy Bledsoe raring to go. I felt bad for him. That’s gotta hurt. An injury is usually nobody’s fault. So he works his butt off to get conditioned to return and the team says to him, “No thanks… your understudy can take it from here… But thanks for all the good times.” Sometimes I wonder why anyone ever chooses to play professional sports. Popularity and loyalty last as long as a team huddle. After that, you’re on your own.

Of course, I stop wondering when I remember the paychecks. Most people can’t foresee their own deeply wounded pride because the multi-million dollar paycheck gets in the way. Still, Romo got the call. We wait to hear whether Romo is now officially “The Man.” He’s young, he’s quick, he’s willing to take risks, and he’s impetuous – everything you need. Drew was just too slow and took too long to throw the ball. You can’t get sacked that many times without Aikman-esque brain damage. I’m just referring to the concussions, okay?

It never ceases to amaze me how reporters manage to find something to latch onto and beat to death so they can have their pressing news feature of the week. Then again, it’s nice that for once everyone isn’t talking about Terrell Owens.

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